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  • 03 Sep 2006


Here is the view from my office. There's not a day goes by that I dont think about you. There's not a day goes by that I dont call you. The nights are lonely without you.

So I decided to pickup a weekend job as a real estate agent. Visiting you once every 2-weeks is not enough, I'll work the remaining weekend to make the most of my time - saving towards our wedding.

  • 05 Sep 2006


Statistics of people who visited my weblog in the past year. Thanks for viewing.

  • 11 Sep 2006

My Sassy Girl

Visiting Melbourne, its still too cold to play in the sun.

Been busy revising for my webMethods EAI Certification at the company's expense.

  • 15 Sep 2006

Enterprise Integration and Architecture #1

In these coming months I will make frequent post under this subject, its relating to the materials found in my line of work. These entries are archived as bibliography towards my research interests. In the future, I might compile these ideas into a book?

Martin Hepp and Frank Leymann and John Domingue and Alexander Wahler and Dieter Fensel, "Semantic Business Process Management: A Vision Towards Using Semantic Web Services for Business Process Management," (2005). Also at citeseer.ist.psu.edu/hepp05semantic.html

This paper is an insight to application of semantic web to enterprise business processes busines process management. Enabling self discovery of information and processes. Process policy is embeded within the business object through workflow, then let the business object self navigate through the organisation space until it reaches its destination system.

As of today semantic still has it issue, lack in traceability. A business object may navigate through the organisation space independently, however there is a time when we need to reconcilidate about the object. Lack of ability to rollback to the previous step.

An organisation space is like a series of pipelines, once the information comes in there must be a way to trace it and flush it in an event of re-processing or duplication. There is a demand for such technology that can keep the state of the business object while in transit within the organisation space. Similar to deliverying a parcel through a transport company, it get routed to various of depots for change, sort and redirection. Each stop is monitored and have a roll back queue. The item can be return to sender. Due to this gap in technology semantic web has not been adopted by commercial entities.

  • 20 Sep 2006

Integration Competency Center #2

To whom is may concern.

This article is focus on the role of Project Manager (PM), specialising in Enterprise Integration Projects.

Being an Integration Project Manager is more than just managing people well and deliver the project on-time. The larger the organization the more organisational politic you have to navigates, at the enterprise level no one is willing to take ownership of a particular application or system because they their job will be on the line if something goes wrong. Therefore at the enterprise landscape the PM must make regular meeting with the project stakeholders and affiliates application owners to ensure the development is synchronies and that all input/output data that coming in/out of your application matches the requirements. 60% of enterprise integration project failed simply because they dont validate the inputs and outputs, which in turn polluted the whole enterprise environment.

At the core of Integration Project Manager is control the running of each team ensuring what they are doing is inline with the overall enterprise architecture, by coordinating all projects to have correct inputs and outputs. The rule of thumb is enforces each application to validate their own input/output and having mechanism to stop the system from sending out junk data if error is found. Because often data produced by one application will be used by another application. Designing enterprise application with the enterprise architecture in mind will void the ripple effect when deploying the application in live environment. In most enterprise architecture live environment is very fragile and critical to the business, because once it goes down everyone in the media will know about it. Therefore avoid as less disturbance as possible when rolling out new application, to avoid business down-time.

Re-using principle in application development is a good practice. But over-used component can cause environment bottle neck and heavy dependency on a single component. This is where the debate around should a component be duplicated for effective performance.

Error Management Framework (EMF) must exist in all application development; this will reduce the scale and cost of support on the application. When error is detected internally within the application appropriate action will be taken as the error is manage and understood by the application, the ability for self-recovery. For more critical error an email will send out the support person to resolve the issue. It is best practice to let EMF acts as a firewall to an interface, because if an error event is raised, the interface can react to whethere or not to suspend the triggers, resulting in request rejection.

Every document that enters the enterprise infrastructure must be assign with a unique document number in order to keep track of the document when it navigates through the enterprise. A better practice is maintaining version control for all organization documents, because application will be change and replace, document structure will be change and evoke.

Finally, an expectation from an integration project manager is understand that the delivery process is in real time, the application is introduce into a living enterprise environment where other systems and application is currently active.

My integration project manager is useless, he doesnt address none of the above issues. He's just clown around all day.

  • 26 Sep 2006

A big hulk o'love

I dont need viagra baby, I got you!

  • 28 Sep 2006

VADB team

I do miss my rowing team so much, remember all the good time that we had. I met many great friends there, but sometimes you gotta let a good goes to find another.

Hey! I've loss my tan from last season. Summer is coming, I need to pickup another sport.

Here is a footage of us at the 2006 Chinese New Year Race, most of the footage on the race day were shot by me and later edited by the coach, Hoang Dang.

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