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Life as a carbon-based life form; a journey of building on success and learning from mistakes.

  • 03 Jan 2005

Welcome to 2005

Have a happy new year and may your dreams come true.

Snaps from the recent long weekend - Christmas dinner of SVSQ @ Crystal Palace. Party @ Jimmy's. BBQ party @ Cuong's with the Hoa Nien youth group. Dinner @ Big John in Sans Souci with Nhi and friends from Brisbane. New Year Eve @ Thao's house in Balmain, watching the fireworks with Vi, Lam, Vicent, Jasmine, Jeff, Simon, James, Hong, Joe, Julie, Nam and friends. Lunch @ Aunty with my favourite young nephew. Seafood BBQ @ Vicent's after surf.

Donated $AUD200.00 to the Free The Children for their tsunamis crisis campaign in South Asia.

Rock up to Sunday training session.

  • 03 Jan 2005

The Bachelor

This is a dating ad for Jeff - Ladies meet Jeff, a pharmacist, outdoor type, surf, parties. Drives a 2004 Nissan 350Z and apparently still a bachelor. Any ladies want to know in details I'll be happy to pass on his email.

  • 07 Jan 2005


Training Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Competition is next week, 15th of Jan, putting in double the efforts. Following that is a comp during Chinese New Year at Darling Harbour, that should be fun.

  • 09 Jan 2005

Road trip

Day 1: Road trip down South to Tuross Heads with the Vietnamese-Australian dragon boating team. The group bonding for the new year. Lunch at Kiama beach. Stopped by Chinaman white sand beach at Jervis Bay; one of Australia best kept secret beach. After dinner getting drunk and getting out of control.

Day 2: Doddy the dog going around waking everyone up, breakfast is ready. Then head down the One Tree Beach. Back for lunch and out for more jetskiing fun.

Day 3: Early birds going out for morning swim.

ggt; Visit VADB online. llt;

  • 15 Jan 2005

Mad about you

Its a dry and hot day when I stepped out of the office. I picked up a caesar salad and an ice cold drink for Maria on the way home, and delivering it to her office. No doubt I'm still crazy about the girl.

  • 17 Jan 2005

Toukley race

Dragon Boating race at Toukley hosted by the Central Coast Seadragons. All those trainings really paid off for us, our team ranked 2nd in category B of the Open Tournament. It was a tremendous efforts by the team and coaches considering that we're still a youth team playing against the best teams in NSW. Our focus now is on the next upcoming race during Lunar New Year.

After the race we headed to Avoca Beach to timeout and wave surfing in dangerous rip currents - heaps of fun though.

We spent the night over at Karisa parents' holiday house, it has a cool view overlooking Palm Beach. We made our own dinner, spike our own drinks and making each other drink till silly. The memorable moment were Linda and Karisa full on pashing each others while playing Truth or Dare - all the guys goes "Oooh oooh oooh..", nothing beats a good lesbian action.

The next morning I separated from the group and joining Vivent, Thao, Jeff and friends for deep sea fishing, unfortunately it was cancelled due to high wind, so we hire boat and fish at Brooklyn instead. Line fishing with my toes. Ending the 2 days adventure at Vicent's eating our catch.

ggt; Visit VADB online. llt;

  • 18 Jan 2005

Spoil one

Going shopping for little sister mountain bike. She's the spoil one, cause shes the only girl in the family.

Rock up to Tuesday evening training session. It was a moderate southeast to northeast winds at 5 knots.

  • 19 Jan 2005


Pay my trustworthy motor mechanic a visit, Huyen Motor and Repairs at Villawood. Renewing my rego, inssurance is abit less this year cause I hold a current gold driver licence - no accident, just parking tickets.

Facts about Krispy Kreme doughnuts - In 1933, Vernon Carver Rudolph founded Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corporation, he died in 1973, but had no estate plan for his family. As a result, Krispy Kreme had to be sold and Beatrice Foods Company of Chicago eventually acquired the company in 1976, and its family influence was lost. He failed to create a plan that would preserve and protect his business interests for his family. Today Krispy Kreme doughnut franchises grew internationally expanding their branches in Australia.

One of such branch is located in Liverpool (next to where I live), there's this cute Asian girl working there. I visits there frequently, on a lucky day I get served by her :P

Coffee at Brigten-Le-Sand beach.

  • 20 Jan 2005

Miss training

I feel kinda guilty not turning up to training today, a big storm is coming, I didnt want to get soaked from above by the rain and from below by salt water.

Visiting my 4 legged friends instead. The view from the window of my old room, its now turned into a study room. I heard my little sister planning to use for tutoring some junior kids.

  • 22 Jan 2005

New toy

My new toy, CANON IXUS 500. Loads point-n-shoot much quicker than my old KODAK LS443.

Sublime party at Cockle Bay Wharf, everything from hard trance, drum 'n' bass through to funky breaks. I dont know how much more my body can take these drug, smoking and alcohol abuse. Party till sunrise.

  • 23 Jan 2005


Its been raining all day, I'm at home surfing the net. Fiona's picking my brain, she gave me this challenge todo.


I WANT: positive cashflow and retired young
I NEED: a business opportunity
I HAVE: a dog, a house and a stable career
I REGRET: about writing love poem to Jade, a girl in highschool
I WISH: for world peace and happiness
I LOVE: oranges
I HATE: when things not going my way
I MUST: stop fear of commitment
I CANT: there is no such thing as cant or wont
I LEARNT: that life is beautiful and good
I MISS: how boys be boys in school
I FEAR: commitment
I HEAR: crows outside my window
I SEARCH: for the purpose of life


SMILES? 5 second ago
CRIED? cant remember, I laugh so hard that tear comes out
BOUGHT SOMETHING? a digital camera afew weeks ago
GOT HAMMERED? lastnight at Sublime
WERE SARCASTIC? always, a week ago at the Dragon Boat race
KISSED SOMEONE? lastnight at Sublime
HAD SEX? about 2 months ago with Girl 1, does oral sex count?
HAD A DREAM? weeks ago, months ago.. I dont remember these things
LAST THING YOU READ: Fiona Lam's journal
LAST MOVIE YOU SAW ON THE BIG SCREEN: Shrek 2, I dont usually go the the cinema, only because of peers pressure
LAST PHONE YOU CALLED: Viet, need to get the keys off him so I can go to the office early tomorrow
LAST SONG YOU HEARD: Nhe Anh My Tam, by Nguyen Ha, I listen to song playing over and over
LAST THING YOU ATE: 2 minutes instant noodle with ham from Christmas


SMOKE? yes, when I'm depress, having fun, or socialising
DO DRUGS? yes, at raves and house parties
HAVE A BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND? no, havent had a meaningful relationship for the past 5 years
REMEMBER YOUR FIRST LOVE? first crush yes, first love no, first sexual encounter yes
STILL LOVE HIM OR HER? no, time and alcohol erase all memories
HAVE YOU ANY GAY BISEXUAL OR LESBIAN FRIENDS? yes, I have no problem with gay friends, just as long as they dont hit on me. Lesbian is all good, I love to watch
BELIEVE IN MIRACLES? no, people claims to have supernatural powers are a bunch of tossers
BELIEVE IT'S POSSIBLE TO REMAIN FAITHFUL FOREVER? how long is a piece of string? you cant measure the depth of a human heart
LIKE THE TASTE OF ALCOHOL? yeah, give me more of those shots, then after awhile you'll lose your taste buzz
BELIEVE IN ALLAH? who is this God person anyway
HAVE ANY SECRETS? yes, most of which I wrote on my weblog or forgotten
HAVE ANY PETS? my 4 legged friend whom I frequently take out to the local park for a leak
GO TO OR PLAN TO GO TO UNIVERSITY? I'm still at uni, but deferred studies while I'm busy working
HAVE ANY BAD HABITS? lots, much of which can be traced back to my temper
PIERCING? looks fun, wanna try it
HAVE ANY TATTOOS? yes, had it done after highschool graduation. It's from an old Chinese saying.. from which each of my mates choose a word, they can incorporated into any form he like - nickname, engraved, or tattoo. I tattoo mine as "Sinner", or literally translates as "sin again"
CARE ABOUT LOOKS? only when I'm associated with work. Otherwise I'm sloppy even on a dates, I dont want to posche up to give a false impression
TRUST OTHERS EASILY? yes, but when it comes to finance thats another matter
LIKE SARCASM? I love them, I use them all the time
TAKE WALKS IN THE RAIN? yes, after a heated argument
SING IN THE SHOWER? no, I whistle
HAVE ANY SCARS? one below my left eyebrow, playing with sticks when I was 7. Deep cuts to my hands and feet while playing at an abandon beach when I was 10. Crack my teeth and bust my lower lip when I ran from stealing leech when I was 11. Deep cut on my leg when I jump off a speeding train.

  • 25 Jan 2005

Alex farewell

Alex Greyze, a work colleague's leaving. Farewell my friend, we shall meet again! We're gonna miss your jokes and your Russian food. In the meantime most of Alex's projects and responsibilities roll to me and Viet, these coming weeks is going to be hectic.

Rocking up to training.

  • 27 Jan 2005

Australia Day spectacular fireworks

Firstly, my congratulations to Anh Khoa on winning the prestigious Young Australian of the Year 2005 award. This morning I received an email message from Mr Hoang, congratulating Anh Khoa and inviting Khoa to the annual Cinefest in Washington DC hosted by IBM. I already forward the message.

I'm driving to the country side, visiting Dad, he's at Uncle Mac's farm.

Called up Maria asking her to join me watching the fireworks tonight, but she stood me up. I went without her anyway, the fireworks was spectacular. Happy Australia Day.

  • 28 Jan 2005

Major sponsor

Training on Thursday, total soaked, total fun. We found a new major sponsor, all our future uniforms and events will be sponsored.

Memories of last year team. Similarly to this year, we will have a stall during Cho Tet (Lunar New Year festival) at Warrick Farm. This year is going to be bigger and better.

  • 29 Jan 2005

Anh Khoa

Drop by Anh Khoa's place for a visit, catch up on old times and about a new site KHOADO.NET. So many cool awards - a collection of Australian writer's awards, 2001 AFI award, 2003 IF award and mostly recently 2005 Young Australian of the Year award.

And a pet dog called Nugget.

  • 30 Jan 2005


Rocking up to training, it was humid. A few showers and drizzle areas. Light to moderate southeast winds at 13 knots.

Got home, got bored, so do further work on two websites; Vietnamese Australian Dragon Boat (www.vadb.asn.au) and Khoa Do biography (www.khoado.net).

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