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  • 02 Sep 2003

Re: No, not New York - just a CBD blackout

The blackout. An article published by The Sydney Morning Herald today about the power blackout at Sydney CBD. Yes our building was one of the those effected by the blackout. For most buildings they have their own backup power supply, unfortunately the backup power supply of building fail to work (somebody is going to get into alot of trouble!). Thanks to quick thinking by Kallide, the building manager, we hired a power supply from one of the electrical company.

It generate just enough power for the lights and the air-con, enough to carrying on with our business operation. No power means no machine or lifts, so we had to replied on manual handling, it was a tough night.

[source: The Sydney Morning Herald]

Moon Festival is coming. Every year Asians all around the world celebrate the Moon Festival, this is the time for the children to light up their lanterns and parade around in the street. My favourite part of the festival is the Moon Cake, hmm.. yummy.. oh the lanterns too.

Cabramatta will host their Moon Festival this weekend, come join the fun.

  • 04 Sep 2003

Being single #4

Being single means you can spent a romantic afternoon with yourself.

Out for lunch with a work colleague. Then went to a company's briefing.

After the briefing there are many issues i have to resolve and responsible for.. i took a walk in the near by park to think and get some fresh air. Dipping my feets in the pond, my attempt at killing the marine life, but it failed miserably, and only manage to scare off some small fishes.

On the way home, i picked up some dog food for my 4-legged friend.

  • 05 Sep 2003


  • 06 Sep 2003

Web development

Sitting at home not doing anything on a Friday night. Thought i make myself useful by creating a design concept website for the ePay project, an eCommerce Business Models. Beta version of this site can be found here.

The tools use to create this design are Mozilla Web browser, Sodipodi, splitz, GIMP, and a VI text editor.

  • 06 Sep 2003


Waking up early to leave for work, plan to go to the SydMob #2's site early to get some before photos. I got there at 7:55AM. I was suppose to meet a man with a sheep, but there was nobody; i was too early.

Time for work.

On my way home i stopped at the Emperor's Garden Cakes, Chinatown, corner Dixon St Hay St, to pick up some mooncakes. I bought some for mum and one for a special lady-friend, they both love mooncakes. I drop by the SydMob #2's site again.. empty; i was too late.

  • 07 Sep 2003

Moon Festival at Cabramatta

Happy Moon Festival everyone! Festivities is helded at Cabramatta. Every year around this time all Vietnamese and Chinese from all over the state(s) converge to this location to celebrate the Moon Festival, and every year more and more people are joining in; the young; the old; and the foreigners.

Today was very fun, everyone seems like in good celebrating spirit (it gets more exciting when dark falls, thats where the lanterns come out). There was about 5000 people packed on John Street and Park Street.

Here are some photos of people who turn up on the day. Notice how there are lots of red colour? well.. to us Viet/Chinese, we think red will bring us goodluck. So you'll find red fabic in almost every kind is Viet/Chinese event - New Year, Wedding, etc etc.

Enlargement and complete set of these photos can be found in This Month Exhibit.

  • 10 Sep 2003

The little voice in my head

Got home from my mid-semester exam today. Feel like doing something stupid. Then i saw a Fudge Speed2 bleech pack sitting in the corner of my room - "lets dye hair!", a little voice in my head said.

So i did just that. I got abit carried away and coloured my 4-legged friend's hair with Fudge blueberry hill.

  • 11 Sep 2003

Got Pho?

Having Pho for breakfast after work at Cay Du Cafe (English translation Umbrella Cafe) in downtown Cabramatta.

It's a pretty good cafe to hangout, delicious Vietnamese menu, good service.. just dont be around after 7PM, because you will get rolled.

  • 12 Sep 2003

History repeating

Firstly, i like to make it clear that the following comments are based on my opinions alone - nothing more, nothing less. This weblog is just a place for me to express my view of life.

Secondly, I avoid starting a conversation about religion, sex or politics. Because i know people will have different views on them. But i feel i need to speak out.

Revolutionist or Terrorist? I cant help seeing flashbacks of the September 11 event on every TV channel over and over and over again.. in this mass media and popular culture we are being mindset by that of what we see on TV.

Standing out from the crowd and i can see a clear view that history is about to repeats itself. It's a Vietnam war all over again. The American Evil Empire are sending their troops over foreign land to kill, underestimating the opposition and they eventually have to submit to a defeat. This will be a repeat with the Iraq war.

For me Ho Chi Minh is a hero, he represent leadership and the symbol for struggle. Although, I'm against the idea of a Communist state, simply because there are always corruption officials in any goverment. During his time Ho Chi Minh was labelled by the U.S. goverment as a Viet Minh (English translation a Guerrilla), but to his people he is a hero, a revolutionary.

Today the U.S. goverment are doing the same, calling Osama Bin Laden as a "Terrorist", is he or isnt he? To me he's another revolutionary trying to bring down the Evil Empire.

I feel a sense of anti-American, not towards their people, but their goverment. The more they push for War in Iraq, the more hatred i have for this Evil Empire. Withdraw the troops today to avoid futher bloodshed. Like an Activist once said - "make love not war."

If history had taught us one thing, that peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding. Therefore I think the UN plays an important role in keeping world peace.

Ho Chi MinhOsama Bin Ladin

  • 13 Sep 2003

Moon Festival at Phuoc Hue temple

It's not uncommon for some Asian festival to lasted for 2 or 3 weeks. The longest being Lunar New Year (or it often called Chinese New Year) we celebrates for one whole month!

In the morning i worked overtime. On the way home i drove by Phuoc Hue temple to take some photos.

A lady friend invited me over for Banh Xeo (English translation Sizzling Cake or better known as Vietnamese Pizza).

Then they drag me to the temple again, i cant say no, what can i say im a sucker when it comes to girls. Thats my weakness.

  • 14 Sep 2003

Being single #5

One more reason why being single is better. A car, a house, a dog first.. now all i need is a wife and kids.

Sydney Olympic Park Alive! Yesterday i was reading an entry from John of Clarence Street i learnt that today is Sydney Olympic Park Alive! day. I love a good crowd, so natually i turn up to the venue. Visiting the Olympic Park bringing back good old memories, i was an Olympic official back in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.

Checkout the amateur Sydneysiders running on the marathon, funny stuff.

My home, my castle. This is my new home, my castle. Its just a small townhouse with 2 bedrooms and a good view over the neighbours. I'll spend the next 5 years living here with my brother and my 4 legged friend, plenty of space in the backyard for him to run, play and dig holes. For now, every room is empty, quite, i can hear the sound of my heart beating. This will be a great place for me to do my study and inviting girls home at weekends. Soon this joint will becoming a bachelor patch with lots of alcohols, musics and girls.

Mum came over to do the usual Vietnamese ritual; offering for the Ancestors, Heaven and Earth, its what we do when we move to new places. We pray for goodluck and great fortune.

Everything is done. I'm ready. I'm out building my own world.

  • 19 Sep 2003

How to be a Loser

Your guide to be a Loser. Dont laugh, this will come handy when you meet unexpected wolf ugly girls at the bar.

1. Talk in foul language.

2. Act poor like you pick tin cans for a living.

3. Make sexist jokes like:
Why do women need feet?
Answer: To walk from the kitchen to the bedroom and from the bedroom to the kitchen.
What do you tell a woman with two black eyes?
Answer: Nothing. Because you already told her twice.

  • 20 Sep 2003

Being single #6

One week on. It had been a week since i moved out. Everything is still quite, empty - no furnitures, no chair, no desk yet. I've been too busy with work and studies. I went for an job interview earlier this week, if i can get this job it would be great, cause i get to work "normal hours" and a chance to practice my I.T. skills.

The hardest thing about moving out is probably 'what to eat', i need to learn more than just boil things. Main meals these days are tuna sandwich, take away, and junk food.

SYDMOB #3. I had to stop doing Saturday overtime shift in order to turn up to the SYDMOB #3, but it was all worth it. By stander were saying "they've been hypnotise." It was rather fun to watch.

I pays David Jones' Food Hall a visit on the way home.

  • 20 Sep 2003

Sinh Vien Si Quan (SVSQ) Moon Festival

Sinh Vien Si Quan (SVSQ) or English translation Officer Trainee Cadet. My Dad was in this unit in the Republic of Viet-Nam Military, nowadays hes a veteran. Though they still have regular meeting with his comrades. Lately they are talking about setting up a Officer Trainee Cadet Youth Group, for the sons and daughters of the SVSQ, They'd asked me to be in the committee. Tonight is the gathering to celebrate the Moon Festival as well as the first meeting of the Officer Trainee Cadet Youth Group committee.

  • 21 Sep 2003

Random thoughts today

I'm 24.2 years of age now, single, I have a well paid job; working night shift, a nice townhouse in a nice quiet town, a car and a 4 legged friend.

Not too long ago, I migrated to Australia as a 12 years old boy with empty hands, and if you didn't look too closely at my life, you might have think I'm happy.

Most people didn't look too closely, because I'm just an ordinary guy. I move and change where the wind takes me.

I live a dangerous lifestyle.

I'm in a crowd but I'm also alone.

My closest companion is still my 4 legged friend, it had always been there for me, it always happy to see me.

Friends come and goes.

The only girl I adore comes into my life break my heart and take away a piece of me. "Let's just be friends" she said.

I'm a creep. I'm a weirdo. But I like my lifestyle.

My career is my window to happiness.

Wandering the city street looking.. seaching for a purpose.

Doing something good for society, because it has done so much for me.

Life is short. What I leave behind is this legacy.

  • 26 Sep 2003

Goodbye Australia Post

Today mark the last day I'm with Australia Post. I'm leaving with a heavy heart. I'm going to miss alot of cool people there, the good times and the bad times. Special thanks to Jared Blyth and Viet Doan who'd been taking good care of me and show me many of new things.

I like Australia Post, maybe I'll come back one day.

I'm leaving to start my career as a Graduate Software Engineer at Allied Express. I'm looking forward to meeting new friends and contributes to the organisation the best of my ability.


...Today mark the last day I'm with Australia Post. I'm leaving with a heavy heart. I'm going to miss alot of cool people there, the good times and the bad times. Special thanks to Jared Blyth and Viet Doan who'd been taking good care of me and show me many of new things.

I like Australia Post, maybe I'll come back one day.

I'm leaving to start my career as a Graduate Software Engineer at Allied Express. I'm looking forward to meeting new friends and contributes to the organisation the best of my ability.

  • 27 Sep 2003

The Canberra trip

Today I visits the Australian Parliament House and the Floriade festival at the Australian Capital Territory. I went with friends. Now I can crossed out item 8 and 9 on my TODO list.

The road trip. We stopped at a McDonald restaurant in the middle of nowhere for breakfast. There were patches of rain along the way.

The Australian National Botanic Gardens. A sea of colours, it was a memorable sight. I'm not a flower kind of guy, but it was cool seeing all kind of people there, the girls loves it.

The Australian Parliament House. This showcase Australian architecture at it best. I especially adore the Aborigine paintings exhibited inside.

The Royal Australian Mint. I get to see how a cool $1 coin is made. I insert a $2 coin to get back a $1, it only took a second to make it, the rip-off experience is priceless.

The trip home. Whats that sticker say? "WAR IS TERRORISM" - i agree. Finally we visited The Big Merino Ram.

  • 29 Sep 2003

New career

Today is the first day at my new workplace, Allied Express Transport Pty. This remind me of the time I moved school in grade 9, feeling both nervous and exciting. It has a dynamic working enviroment, the kind I like. So many interesting and equally challenging things to learn in just one day. Soon I will have my own little development PC installed in a corner of the office, aint that cool or what.

I finish work around 5:30pm, I have to beats the peak hour traffic and the afternoon sunlight blinding my eye sight every afternoon. Overall it was a pleasant day, I'm looking forward to tomorow already.

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