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Life as a carbon-based life form; a journey of building on success and learning from mistakes.

  • 05 Oct 2003

Canoeing rolling in the Royal National Park

Gathering of old friendhips. Friends I havent seen for ages meet together for BBQ and canoeing. We eat, we play shadowcock, we play cards. Did you know that at every Vietnamese gathering someone always bring a deck of card? I'm serious, it runs in our blood.

The best part is when we align all the boats together in the middle of the lake and just sings. Those who cant sing, like me, we have to claps along. Just like a singing musical class.. only that it floatings on water.. and in the middle of nowhere.

I love rivers and lakes. Afterall, where I came from our lives revolved around the Mekong Delta river.

It was all good until the rain came and spoilt the fun.

  • 06 Oct 2003

An odd day to go bushwalk

The event has been organise by Robert, everything prepared and going according to the plan.. except the weather.

It was pouring rain, but everyone turned up and accounted for, cool. There were other adventurers walking on the same track, we made short conversations like "its a long way down" or "save that that bottle of water, you'll need it". The views, the waterfall, spectacular!

When we reached the car park I realised that I had left the light on, the battery was flatout, Robert to the rescue and jump-start my car.

We drove home. Stopped at Cabramatta to eat Pho at Pho Viet restaurant. It was a fun day, my legs are tired, I should sleep well tonight.

  • 07 Oct 2003

Fan club #1

This post is delicated to Angel. The other night on ICQ she was asking me what I do at work. So here is a log only for your eyes only.

My work hours are still not fixed yet. Someday I start at 5:30am, other days I start at midday. Today I'm doing the early shift, I get to see the sunrise. At this stage I'm still learning the business operations so they put me in the mainframe room. I make friend with computers, mice and keyboards.

Since yesterday trip my car is a mess. I got tosser friends, they through rubbish everywhere in my car and even stuffed them between the seats. And oh, I recieved my Virgin Credit Card today, great huh. Now I have more credits to by you even more online stuffs and addressed them to you.

  • 12 Oct 2003

Good food, good wine, good company #1

Eating ba'nh xe`o (English translation Vietnamese Pizza) at my parents' place. It was mighty delicious, I dont know if mum cooking had improved or I just missed mum's cooking. Eating all those fast-food and can tuna really kill your taste buzz.

Among my favourite Vietnamese dishes is ba'nh xe`o, its delicious and healthy. I like it because it has lots of oriential ingredients added to it, and almost all the time you have some sort of herbs or vegetable along with the dish. Vegetable contains fibers, they are good for you mum used to say. It cleans your system and give you great skin tone. Plus, you get to eat them with your hands :-P so remember to wash your hands before eating ba'nh xe`o.

  • 15 Oct 2003

One ordinary day

The road to my workplace in the morning. The view through my window, and the bubble wrap.. that, thats just for me to control my stress level.

  • 19 Oct 2003

Happy birthday to Mong Linh

Happy 22nd birthday to Mong Linh, girlfriend of my friend Thinh. I was given invitation in such short notice so I rush one of the Jewellery store and bought for her a vase, it turns out to be a good choice she loves it, and one of her friend even say I got "good taste". I hope I didnt let my (her boyfriend) jealous.

The BBQ party was a complete success, I eat alot and drank alot. Mong Linh have a younger sister, Jenny, they both look so identical. Maybe its just me but I saw sparklings in Jenny's eyes.

  • 19 Oct 2003

Lazy day

A relaxing Sunday afternoon with two old friends; Cuong and Khoi.

  • 23 Oct 2003

Fan club #2

Angel wrote me a poem today, and it sound a little something like this: WONDER
I wonder where he is
This one summery day?
He should be here to play
On this unsteady ground
With his talks of "milking sow"
and thoughts of "smelly sauce"
Ther perturbance, unresistable!
I hope he is doing well today
I wonder where he is.
Isn't that the sweetest thing. After reading her poem I feel, excitment and special. Cause no one wrote me a poem before. Back at highschool we used to exchange short message notes, but never a whole poem delicated to me. So here is my poem from the heart, titled "Thinking of U". THINKING OF U
On this one summery day,
I wonder what its like to play
On your unstable ground.
I'm feeling hot,
Hang on, let me take my shirt off.
Come closer, let me show you I care.
Sometimes get caught up
With many things todo,
But I'm always thinking of U.
And below is series of photo of Angel running away from the camera lens, called "Catch me if you can".

  • 24 Oct 2003

Brisbane business trip

Business trip to Brisbane today was cool, all expenses are paid for by my company. I departed Sydney at the crack of dawn. I flew with Virgin Blue in the Guest Class (equivalent to Business Class). I arrived at the Brisbane airport around 8:10AM. My own driver was there waiting to pick me up and driving me around the city of Brisbane, his name is Joe, he's cool.

Once I got to the office I was given a brief tour around the facility and then I got down to business. At lunch we had hotdog and pizza and for a late lunch I had sushiiii..

I flew back in the everning and now I am back at home. I love my job.

  • 25 Oct 2003

Saturday night dinner at mum's

Eversince I moved out mum always cook up something special at weekend and call a family gathering. Tonight its Lau (English translation Steam-Boat Seafood). After eating I went into the living room and watch Shrek on DVD for the 4th time. Our family is tradition oriented, we dont eat dinner in front of the TV.

  • 26 Oct 2003

Nothing last forever

Its been over a month since I last saw my uni. I have been busy with work. I'm thinking of transfering degree or maybe changing uni even, because my uni doesnt offer everning classes for undergraduates.

Life is funny, nothing last forever. After highschool graduation everyone goes their own separate ways. Now I have the same feeling, I miss my university friends. What I missed most are the times we scram together in the library studying for our final exams, and places around the campus we sat down for lunch. Those wonderful years at Sydney Uni. But then life must goes on. Out in the big wide world I'm seeking for the purpose of life.

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