half man half shark

half man half shark     

Life as a carbon-based life form; a journey of building on success and learning from mistakes.

  • 201 days ago

Love hate

Living in Netherlands for over a year I came to love the landscape, but I hate the weather.

  • 199 days ago


The camera on the iPhone isn't too bad, more manual control features. Will use this tool capture everyday life regularly. --

  • 199 days ago

Young Capital

Interesting business idea to provide job placement for new graduates. Low cost and they are quick learner. --

  • 199 days ago


This country is flat and agricultural fields that stretched to infinity. --

  • 199 days ago


Learn the rules, so you know when to break them. --

  • 199 days ago

Getting old

Looking forward to getting old and skin full of ink. --

  • 198 days ago

Rain rain

The rainy season has arrived in The Netherlands. Its beautiful at night but depressing by day. --

  • 197 days ago


Mentoring subtly: ask what is their PLAN in life rather than what job they want.

Successful life is by planning, not by finding a secured job.

Sometimes this means you have to walk the road less taken. --

  • 197 days ago

Dutch #1

All the cycling makes resulted in more than 90% of the population slim. --

  • 197 days ago


I like picking on the bone because meat near the bone taste best.

My favourite is the head. --

  • 196 days ago

Parenting #48

I missed my little possum, I haven't tickle her in almost three months. --

  • 194 days ago

Dutch #2

Autumn paint the landscape with golden fallen leafs. --

  • 191 days ago


Traveled to Brussels Tattoo Convention only to be disappointed.

I sent Matteo N my concepts many weeks ahead, he didn't sketch them ready in time for the convention.

I want my own artwork, and the artist style. You don't rush these sort of things. Next time. --

  • 182 days ago

Parenting #49

I believe a study desk overlooking the window will make you more creative. I also let you choose to write with left or right hand.

  • 175 days ago

Dutch #3

Dutch love fried snacks.

  • 175 days ago

Dutch #4

Bakfiet means cargo bike. They are practical utility bicycles to carry anything from plants to childrens.

  • 175 days ago

Dutch #5

Cats and dogs are well loved.

  • 174 days ago

Dutch #6

Everyday I increasingly have affections towards this Amsterdam, mostly about the atmosphere and the coffeeshops.

  • 174 days ago

Dutch #7

The traditional Dutch don't flash their wealth in public. They lived a conservative life behind closed door, they are also less charitable.

You can tell alot about a person based on their home content.

  • 174 days ago

Dutch #8

I enjoy the feeling in a nice cosy place after the morning frost walk.

  • 174 days ago


A wise man said, trust a man likes drinking because he will never drink a lone. Men who likes smoking, womanising and gambling will want to enjoy it all by them selves.

  • 172 days ago

Middle class

Stuck in middle class is the worst in a capitalist system, you paid the highest tax, everything you purchase has further taxes, peak hours public transportion is higher.

The government will squeeze every cents the middle class earn.

  • 170 days ago

Beyond Tomorrow #1

A collection of notes about things that we can do today for the next generation.

No one should go hungry and having to steal food.

  • 168 days ago

Making jelly

Ella first time in the kitchen, making jelly.

  • 166 days ago

Dutch #10

A city below sea water level.

  • 164 days ago

Dutch #11

They are tall and beautiful people. Girls are fiercely independent.

  • 157 days ago

Dutch #11

Grey sky, Winter is coming.

  • 154 days ago

Parenting #50

Her playfulness brings warmth to both our hearts.

  • 151 days ago


Collect memories not things. But things that gets better with age is worth collecting.

  • 139 days ago

Parenting #50

Spending NYE in Amsterdam has been the best choice. Like lighting your own fireworks show is priceless.

  • 128 days ago

Turn left

Two roads in the yellow wood, I took the left road to a tropical weather. The travel adventure continues.

  • 127 days ago

Dutch #13

The wealthest Dutch and Dutches lives on farm land.

  • 127 days ago

Dutch #14

These cluster of cottages are private garden of the working class. People who lives in appartment don't have space would rent or buy these small properties for weekend.

  • 127 days ago

Each others

We can do anything, what we need are each others. Every sunset looks better with you.

  • 126 days ago

Parenting #52

A daughter needs a dad to be the standard against which she will judge all men.

  • 108 days ago


We all have to die some day.

  • 108 days ago

Thanks Joe

Custom dotwork, black and geometry.

Tattoo is visual story telling about ones past. It start with good artwork and ends with a lesson.

Circle. It was the year 1989, I was 10yo, experienced open sea voyage discovered that all life are just a carbon based life form.

Triangle. In 2012, fatherhood changed me a better man. Like sand and water, I am a link between my ancestors and the new generation that follows.

Diamond. In 2015, take the family on adventure through Europe. Discovering that being rich is having moments that money can't buy. A starry night.

To be continue..

  • 94 days ago


Asia is our next adventure destination.

  • 93 days ago


Its snowing on the Saturday morning, reminds you that the world is a beautiful place.

  • 93 days ago


It didn't came across my mind until today, its most likely this country is making my missus depressed and its beginning to effect our relationship.

  • 81 days ago

Dutch #15

A typical Dutch wedding is very small and casual.

  • 79 days ago

Parenting #52

During the day, its Daddy everything.

During the night, Daddy go away, Daddy sleep on the couch.

  • 43 days ago

Goodbye Europe

Every story must end, moving on to my next adventure. Spending a week vacation in Austria and Czech Republic for some sightseeing.

Thanks for the lovely memories.

  • 42 days ago

Singapore food

the street food is sublime.

  • 41 days ago

Party of three

Next adventure, traveling through Asia with these two.

  • 39 days ago


Today for a brief moment I thought about Europe. I missed crispy fresh smell of early morning.

  • 36 days ago


Balance between family and money is always on-going. In Asia there is more demand, more travels, more witty. Its takes up alot more energy and cutting into family time.

  • 36 days ago

Down to Earth

I can really relates to image.

I'm a spaceman with no home, travel beyond and limitless. Who felt in love with a mermaid and the reality of evetyday life constraints, social intelligence, family and children.

  • 32 days ago

No lunch

I gave up my lunch money so a whole family can have food for a day.

  • 32 days ago

Night walkers

In Asia cities people roam the street late into the night because there is lack of home comfort like privacy and air conditioning. So people leave work late and come home late.

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