half man half shark

half man half shark     

Life as a carbon-based life form; a journey of building on success and learning from mistakes.

  • 02 Feb 2006

No music

Checking out afew houses in Sydney north coast. Cant afford it today. But nothing preventing me from doing the impossible if I have a good woman behind me.

They say, "behind every great man is a great woman."

  • 04 Feb 2006


Found myself another cool leather jacket to ride around over this hot summer.

Playing two games of Chinese chess against my uncle. Legend has it.Once upon a time, war is about to break out between two Dynasties. Both have equally power.

Rather than raging war against each others, creating suffering among their people, they are willing to settle their differences through a game of chess. It was said he who has better strategy will ruled both Kingdoms.

  • 04 Feb 2006

Cho Tet

2006 Cho tet at Warrick Farm. Its still fun for me because I'm helping out backstage, but I get lonely each year as more and more of my close friends are getting marry or settling down.

Kim Beazley, his wife and many major public servants were there.

  • 05 Feb 2006


Drop by Chinatown after training for lunch.

  • 07 Feb 2006

Cannabis plantation

Cannabis plantation outdoor method. Its a fact that cannabis love plenty of sun and water. So I kept mine in the fish tank with continuous supply of water and full exposure to the sun!

In Australia each person is allow to grow one cannabis tree for personal use (opse I have three). If you get caught, you'll be prompt with a civil penalty, most cases its just paying a monetary fines.

  • 08 Feb 2006


I buy all my work and casual wear from one designer. I got 2-3 of the same shirts in my favourite colour, then I wear them continuously for 3 weeks, that makes me a BORING kinda guy.

It's getting harder and harder to find these shirts, because they had stopped making this label.

  • 10 Feb 2006

Sin City

Sin City, I love that movie. So I got my hand on the recut-extended-unrated two-disc deluxe with the graphic novel included.

Spending the last day of my three weeks annual leave driving to the wreckers buying parts for my car and putting them together.

Visiting Anthony's newsagent. He said the owner of the post office in Canley Vale is planning to put it on the market for a cool $420,000.00. If I could, I want to put up my house, my car and my bike up as securities to purchase that post office. Average income from the post office is $1500.00 a week after all expenses are paid.

They say, "your first million is always the hardest."

For financial security reason I want to have two source of incomes. Sometimes I wish there is more of me, so I can maintain a day job and the other me can run off managing the business.

  • 12 Feb 2006

Chinese New Year Races

Chinese New Year dragon boat races, the most important day in our VADB racing calendar. We had our first women-team this year, and we kick arses! Then we had the usual men-open and mixed-team. Unfortunately no trophy this year, but we all have a pocket-full of fun memories.

Happy birthday Hong Anh. Happy birthday Clarissa and Anthony at Martin Place Bar (Bamboo).

  • 13 Feb 2006

Operation Smile

I'm helping to make a different by donating my time and money to Operation Smile this year.

The way Amy show her care reminds me what a beautiful world we live in, a sweet romantic place. But dont tell her that.

  • 14 Feb 2006


Stupid Valentine's day.

  • 15 Feb 2006

Pay bonus

Pay bonus, I'm not at all impress with the amount they offered, or maybe nothing thrill me anymore.

I wont sit around waiting for the next pay review in 6 months time. I'm moving on to another company.

  • 18 Feb 2006

Wake up call

Waking up drunk with sand in my hair and between my toes at Bondi beach. We watch the sunrise before driving back to Thu's appartment at Central.

I feel kinda bad diggin' out on the boys to get pissed with Mark and the girls.

  • 19 Feb 2006


Playing beach volleyball at Manly.

If I'm a single dad, I'll raise my kids up in Bondi.

  • 21 Feb 2006


Work. Beer. Snooker. Boys night out, we hit a Korean joint.

She said her name is Tracy.

  • 21 Feb 2006

Rip tide

I heard about one of my little sister's friend drowned when he got caught in a rip, poor kid.

Rip is nothing but a strong current that flow out into the sea. When caught in a rip, you shouldnt fight current, instead swim parallel to the shoreline to escape it.

Reminds me of that time we went spear-fishing.

  • 22 Feb 2006


If they offer me a good package, I will move to Melbourne for a couple of years.

  • 23 Feb 2006

Quote of the day

"I make the most of all that comes, and the least of all that goes." - Sarah Teasdale

  • 26 Feb 2006

Reckless Republic #1

On the last day of summer... Reckless Republic throw a beach party, thanks for the invite Warren! Wicked party man! The best I ever been.

Chillin' out with David and the girls.

  • 26 Feb 2006


2 hours of sleep, then get up Scotty! time to get slaughter at skirmish.

Hit the beach afterward to soak the wounds.

  • 27 Feb 2006

Like a rollercoaster baby, baby

She hits me for smoking too much. Then she turn around to kiss me because I promised to cut down on cigarettes - this girl is like a rollercoaster ride baby, baby.

I should quit smoking, less drinking and looking after myself abit more this year.

I signed up membership with Medibank Private health cover for singles. As of today I'm covered for hospital basics, dental, optical and physiotherapy access. The Federal Goverment subsidies 1.0% of my gross income towards my health covers simply for being a high-income earner - Free health cover, pay less tax, its a pretty damn good country if you ask me.

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