half man half shark

half man half shark     

Life as a carbon-based life form; a journey of building on success and learning from mistakes.

  • 01 Nov 2003

This week #1

Things happening in this week. Got my car service. Witness a tyres factory goes up in smoke.

Thursday. Taking a friend out for a shopping spree.

Friday. Another drunken Friday night with old highschool friends at Cabravale club.

Saturday. Drinking marathon on Saturday night at a friend's place, slept over. Like father like Son, now I know where I got my drinking blood from.

Sunday. Oral sex is fantastic!

  • 04 Nov 2003

Being single #5

Its been over 2 months since I moved to my new place. I love it here, life have more freedom.

But financial wise I'm struggling, half of my wage gone into the mortgage. The remainding use to pay the bills and daily expenses. I'm struggling to pay back the loan I borrowed from friends to paid for the deposit on this townhouse.

My home lack many things, I havent got a couch for the living room yet.

My career is a thrill, I get sent on assignments around the Sydney, most of the time I have to drive out to the branches. Recently my company have bought another company. My job is to setup the system at those new branches. Today I was at the facility at Wetherill Park.

We celebrate the Melbourne Cup Day with a BBQ for staffs. The manager is a true blue Aussie, he gave us an extented lunch and relaxing day at work. He even got two flat screen TV just to watch the race, isnt he cool or what. Its the first time I bet on a horse, its feels like lending money to your brother or sister, you know you'll never going to get it back.

  • 05 Nov 2003

The road to Alexandria

Yesterday I was at Wetherill Park, today I'm at Alexandria. Driving around under the Australian burning sun.

  • 09 Nov 2003

Being single #6

It's 2:34am and I cant sleep. Sitting here blogging with many thoughts.

I'm curious, what is it that attracts Asian girls to Aussie blokes? Is it their hairy chest, beer belly, or is it their carefree lifestyle? There is a girl I like, but she said I'm not her type because I'm an Asian. I'm jealous, but also curious at the same time.

I'm happy being who I am, I wont change, just like my feelings for her.

  • 13 Nov 2003

Being single #7

Oral sex is fantastic. Shes abit small for a C cup. I got sucked in to make a promise that I'll pay for her aerobic lessons next month.

  • 15 Nov 2003

Hot day

It was a scorching 30 degrees in Sydney today. So I head to the local swimming pool with a couple of friends.

  • 16 Nov 2003

Vietnamese Cultural Day

Twice a year the Vietnamese community in Sydney organise a cultural day. During this occasion we showcase food, singing contest and fashion. Its very fun. What I look forward most about this day is to see the Vietnamese girls in long dresses. Oh yeah, and the food too..

  • 20 Nov 2003

Keitaro impersonation

As requested by Oanh.

This is Oanh impersonation, aint she a cutie?

  • 23 Nov 2003

Weekend #2

Friday. eCommerce Business Models exam.

Saturday. End of exam cocktail party celebration. Everyone was having fun and getting pissed. We mixed up a new cocktail, we name it the "Toxic Waste", use a bottle cap and pour in 2x malibu, 2x madori, 2x black sambuca, 2x jim red label, 3x ice cube and 5x pine juice. Drink that down and it feels like eating good food and having an orgasm. We are young and stupid.

Sunday. Woke up at 8 something, got hang over. 11am went to work to finish off some tasks. Dinner with visiting friends from Brisbane at Hai Au restaurant.

  • 28 Nov 2003

Being single #8

I cant sleep, I had a long black coffee and its keeping awake. Today I learnt afew new facts about girls. Girl 1 tells me about her period, and how it works. She have her on every 25-26th day of the month, when it happens she gets very fuzy and feels tire for 2-3 days. She also added that if a girl dont have her period for 2 months in a row it means shes pregnant. Interesting huh?

Girl 2, a friend from Brisbane coming to visit. We met up with a group of friends to go to Cabra-Vale play snooker, have afew drinks and listening to karaoke. About 11 something we went Burwood for ice cream/coffee. She's adorable. When I drove them home we started talking about bras. I learnt the different between A, B, C and D cups. Girl 2 asked me to take her to shop for sleepwear, I havent gave her an answer yet.

Girl 3, I often call her as my ex-wife, no party is the same without her, shes fun to be around with.

Girl 4, my next door neighbour. We live back-to-back to each other, I can climb over the fence to get to her place. Nice girl.. and out going too.

I'm not boyfriend material. I'll consider long-term relationship after I turn 25.

  • 30 Nov 2003

Being single #9

Friday. After coffee some of us (3x boys 2x girls) coming over to my place to watch S.W.A.T., Sex Zen 3, and Naked Weapon (Hong Kong/UK version). None of us really sleep on Friday night.

Saturday. Boy 1 went home in early morning. Girl 2 is still sleeping at my place. Drove Girl 4 to Liverpool Westfield shopping for her to buy some summer clothings. 1PM I went to the company's Christmas pinic at Sweeney's Ingleburn, NSW. 2:30PM I home home to get some more sleep. 7PM party at Wilson's place. 1 something AM we went home, sharing my bed with Girl 2.

Sunday. Its in the higher 20's degrees today. Driving sister and her friend to the pool. Suppose to goto work to get started on the new project, but I stayed home instead, I'm exhausted.. must have something todo with lastnight.

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