half man half shark

half man half shark     

Life as a carbon-based life form; a journey of building on success and learning from mistakes.

  • 02 Apr 2005

Co Kim

Co Kim, my new business relation, she owns an assemble warehouse with 50 staffs in Sydney. Starting from today I commit 2 hours every week with her for consultation and business review. She wants to pick my brain because I'm full of ideas.

  • 03 Apr 2005

State Titles

Our team state finals today at Penrith, last race for this season. I didnt competes, I came late, got caught up with work and family matter to take care first. We had a fun day nonetheless. Next season I'll be interested in the treasurer position in the team committee.

After party at V-bar, mostly boring RNB - bar rating, 2.7 hip hoppin' monkeys out of 10... Met up with Tu Anh at the bar, shes growing up to be quite a charmer; just like her mum.

The fear of commitment is still there, there are so many things I havent yet achieve; and I'm only half way there. Being single is still fun. Thus I'm putting career first, because its an easier option.

Enlargement photos..

  • 03 Apr 2005

Human nature

How do you measure kindness of the human heart? It's only after the person's death that we are truthly understand that value. Its human nature.

I was raised from a Buddhism family and adopt Confucianism learning in my teens, growing up I admires people with great moral values and who is passionate about their work.

I was moved to hear His Holiness Pope John Paul II has passed away. The world has loss a hero. But in times like this everyone will know about his works. Many of us will be inspired by his visions and continue on with his work, as an outcome, tens of thousands hero will be born. I believe the world will be a better place.

  • 05 Apr 2005

Bits of memories

Being the Anh Hai (eldest) in the family carry responsibilities. My little brother is undecided about his future, I wanted him to committed to his financial portfolio. His choices are simple; (1) If he chose to work full-time then lets buy a bigger house, with land and a lemon tree. (2) If he chose to studies then we stay where we are and increase the mortgage repayments. Neither way he got my full support and he's saving up money.

Chu Tay show me photos of his Boatpeople Reunion trip to Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. This is where I grew up, I wanted to go badly, but an organiser said it was cancelled due to the tsunami and earthquakes. In the end they re-open and only a handful of people went.. I wasnt informed!

  • 07 Apr 2005

Break and enter

Coming to the office in early hours of the morning, I notice some crack glasses when I walk pass the exit door. When I entered the office I immediately realise there has been a break in, 5 guys attempting to steal two LG Plasma TVs in the customer service center. The alarm went off, it look like they left empty handed and in a hurry, leaving behind a mess. The police came for some DNAs, they are looking after the matter now.

PS: im happy with Virgin Credit Card service, applying for another card for little sister so I can teach her use responsibility.

  • 09 Apr 2005

Being single #28

Saturday guitar class, I havent been turning up regularly, I got lots of catching up to do.

Still looking for that right house, so far nothing yet.

Whats recent on my schedules; house search, paperwork with the bank, Virgin credit card for little sister, re-enrolling to uni semester 2, mentoring new jr. engineers.

Whats upcoming on my schedules; dragon boat season has ended, start inventing a makeshift bike to kill time on my Sundays, its an enviromental friendly vehicle, solar powered used in farm harvesting work. Also, I'm collaborating on a new enterprise content integration IT project, it's a brave and new directions in Web Services for the company. If I have any free time after all these, I'll look for love; I have no sexlife lately.. PoisonIvy: Every guy has some pornography? (magazines, on computer, dvds)
scottn: you got that right! my favourites are soft porns.. check out this bad girl.

  • 10 Apr 2005

The workshop

Delicious vegetarian lunch at Phuoc Hau temple, headed by abbot Ven. Thich Quang Nghiem. Its where we leave memories of my grandma.

Visiting uncle's farm to organise space for my workshop, gathering measurements and materials.

Drop by the office for afew hours, got something to do..

More and more I see myself using this camera to keep mental notes, it has nothing to do with photography.

  • 11 Apr 2005

Bullets in the head

Two criminals and a gang of police. Car chase, road block, two dogs jump out and attacks the police. Shots were fired, killed the one dog, one guy got away the other got thrown in the cage. Finish the other dog with two bullets in the head. Bloody, but cool stuff.

Chat with Dad about my relocation ideas, he gave me his supports and advice to widen my view, he's the greatest. He said to never give up, failure is when you stop trying.

  • 13 Apr 2005

Being middle class

Finishing work late today, too many deadlines. I decided to put my place on the market for $250,000, I'm going ahead with the relocation. I enrol two courses in the University of Western Sydney through cross institutional study.

I havent talk to J for awhile, dont know how she went with her exams. Thats the problem being middle class, you never have the time for the people you care about.

  • 14 Apr 2005

Lounge about arts

Intimate talks on the Lounge About Arts at the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre. Very fun and mellow, for people who is passionate about arts and local community projects.

Tonight topic explores the motivations and efforts in making the film THE FINISHED PEOPLE. Its what I love about Anh Khoa's works, its very authentics and insightful of people and their enviroment. Presented by Jaimie Leonarder, Khoa Do and the main cast of the film - Jason McGoldrick, Joe Le and Sarah Vongmany.

Special thanks to Anh Cuong Le for sending me the invitation, I'll be there this Saturday for the launch of THE FALL OF SAIGON exhibition.

  • 16 Apr 2005


Catching up with my ifriends (Internet friends) who I been ignoring for while. Sorry guys, life has been really fast lately.

Suong sent me the Turkish March music sheet to practice, its too hard. I got distracted with closed up angles with the camera.

A patch of my hair is turning pale, gray hair will follows. Baggy eyes, its 1:05AM, I need sleep.

  • 17 Apr 2005

Karaoke bar

Revisit the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre for a history lesson.

By night I'm an out-of-control-alcoholic-freak. Vincent is back from his Asia trip, fresh from the airport to a karaoke bar somewhere in Campsie.

The song Creep by Radiohead has alot of appeals to me.. and Dav gets violence when drunk, "do it again Dav!"

  • 17 Apr 2005

Pee Mai Lao

Happy Lao New Year! or its better known as the Water Festival. If my memory serves me right, many Asian countries today celebrate festivities according to the Buddhist calendar and famous legends, like the Mid-Autumn Festival, Tet and Chinese New Year Festival.

In Buddhism, water symbolises purity, clarity and calmness, and reminds us to cleanse our minds and attain the state of purity. Thus, the Water Festival is about clean the bad and disease away and gain the best wishes for next year, full of long lives, clean bodies and health.

In reality it is one massive wet and wild day! I was at the Wat Phrayortkeo Dhammayanaram Lao temple getting soaked and tasting delicious spicy food.

  • 19 Apr 2005

Thank-you, Dr

While doing my research I tumble across a publication from my long time mentor, Dr. Ian Gorton. He was truthly excellent. He answered all of my questions sincerely and honestly. He provided personal experiences as well as current trends in the field. He inspired me to be in my profession where I am today!

These days my work is based on system architecture and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), in the world that is increasingly demanding for a single global electronic market.

Business has already seen the stand-alone computer give way to networks. The next big shift is from local networks to internet-based computing and EDI middleware is the key enabling technology behind this transition.

My current project is an Integrated Tracking Web Service, with the budget of $63,000 to spend. Follow by a Customer Portal project with a budget of $169,000.

  • 21 Apr 2005

Brother b'day

Brother's birthday yesterday. All the male members in the family hate center of attention, only the girls in the family keen to organise stuffs.

  • 23 Apr 2005

Location location

We found a 3 bedroom house (632 sqm) at a good location, fully brick built in the late 70's. Still negotiating on the price at the moment. I applied alot of what I learnt from my first home purchased experience, to avoid being bait to the estate agent and the bank manager.

The house was previously owned by a drug dealer.

If this deal is successful, my brother and I will move to the new place and rent out our current home. This means I have even tighter spending budget. I'm in debt upto me chin, but at least I have cashflow. Apparently I'm worth $370,000 on life insurance.

Chu Phuoc's house is accross the street. We can lookout for each other house while we're on holiday.

There's an old Vietnamese saying - "an cu lac nghiep"; meaning you must have a place call home before you can start your life.

  • 25 Apr 2005

The gang

Dinner party with the dragon boat gang, all the girls look amazing; on the boat and off the boat. Hilarious awards were given out to the goods, the bads and the nasties rowers of the season.

I missed out for the team's Treasurer position, its hard to beat Chris who did such an exceptionally good job last season. Thanks the coaches for the award, for recognising my contribution to the team.

I'll start training for the City to Surf run, waiting for the time to pass. I believe in days ahead, and more good times will come.

Enlargement photos

  • 26 Apr 2005

Being single #29

Lastnight I couldnt sleep. With many thoughts and a heavy heart. Something triggered this depression. I put the song Creep playing in the background, tonight I drink myself to sleep.

  • 30 Apr 2005


Almost booked a ticket flight from Sydney to Coffs Coast; for some thinking space, but I didnt.

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