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half man half shark     

Life as a carbon-based life form; a journey of building on success and learning from mistakes.

  • 01 Feb 2004

Being single #10

Lazy Sunday, went over to mum's house to scab some home cook meal. Just my luck, no more rice. So I cook the only thing I can, noodle.

Start out with chopped onion rings. Fried it, OPSEE.. it caught on fire, quick cover it with a lid. That was close. Two eggs, scrabble it, add some fish sause. Put it out onto some tissue paper to dain the oil.

Next up, reuse the same pot and boil water, add noodle, ready to eat? Pour all the water out, add the ingredients. Pick some vegies and herbs from the garden.

Put all of it on the plastic plate. Plastic plate are handy cause you dont have to wash it afterwards. Not sure if it poisoned, feed some to me 4 legged friend. Seems to be OK, so hungry lets eat.

Both of us are full. Time to take my dog out for a walk.

Little sister wanna catch a lift to the local shop.

  • 02 Feb 2004

This one for the fans

I have fans telling me my 4 legged friend is more charming than me.. so this one is for all the ladies out there.

My little sister is camera shy, thats why shes my favourite target.

  • 03 Feb 2004

About the girl

Girl #1 call again today, said to pick her up from work. I was excited; maybe another one of those oral-sex-is-fantastic night. While in the car she's giving me hints:

She said. You know what day tomorow is?

Then I goes. But Valentine's Day is not until another 10 days..

She look over and said It's my birthday tomorow. Damn I was so forget about it. Then she continue, you have to take me to lunch tomorow now. I nods..

I'm going to take her to shopping after lunch, I want to get her the sleepwear set, the kind she like.

And then Valentine's Day comes I have to get her the other set... I'm a sucker when it comes to girls.

  • 05 Feb 2004

Notice of Suspension of Licence

I got a letter from the government.
I opened and read it.
It said they were suckers.
The suckers had authority.
14 days to pay my due.
Hunting me like a fugitive on the run.
Fuck tha authority!

  • 08 Feb 2004

7 more days till Valentines

Saturday. Taking my 4 legged friend out for a leak on a nice Saturday morning.
I gave in to authority, I need the car to travel to work. Went to the mechanice to service my car, charged me $550 dollars for four 4x4 GOOD YEAR tyres.
Straight to Dung's house getting pissed till 4am in the morning.

Sunday. Girl #1 is back. I'll be seeing her every Sunday.
Shopping for sleepwear.
Eating birthday cakes for lunch.
Oral sex is fantastic.
Shaoling Soccer (2001) DVD, 4 stars from me.
The porno DVD was boring.
Shes still refuse to pose for me, but i notice shes wearing size C cup now. You can really feel the different.

  • 12 Feb 2004

Hi Mum!

Me and Mum with alittle Mother-and-Son talk in Dad's garden.

  • 15 Feb 2004

Survivor at home

Valentine's Day. Busy all day at work. Called Girl #1 in the morning said I'll call her after work. Finish fixing problems at work around 6pm, going over to Fredrika house to help her with some stuffs. Long day, tired.

Sunday. One day after Valentine's, Girl #1 mad at me cause I didnt call back yesterday. Fine, be that way.

Survivor at home. Kids, try this at home. Spent my Sunday afternoon with my 4 legged friend drilling some onions.

  • 17 Feb 2004

Adelaide business trip

This time I'm travelling light with the diary and a company's phone. I've develope a habit of sleeping in the air, it feels very peaceful up there. Another interesting I found is going to the toilet on a plane travelling at 800 km/h is such a thrill, everyone must try it.

By the time I arrived in Adelaide a driver is waiting to pick me up, from then on its all work work meeting meeting, no time to enjoy the scenery. Its been a long and hot day, but nonetheless more exciting than a day at the office.

  • 21 Feb 2004

Secret site

On the road. Driving around all morning to a client's warehouse holding tenth of hundredth of millions in electrical equipment. It's a hugee warehouse.

It was a hot day today in Sydney, reaching 35ddeg;

  • 23 Feb 2004

Being single #11

Sunday. Birthday party of Dung and Chu Nghia. As expected of me I drank till I'm dead. Chu Nghia have a daughter, Kim Phuong. Shes cute and very talented in classical Vietnamese folk opera.

Tradition say that to be a son in law you must first earn her father's respect. In this case you must drink better than her father. This is my 5th attempt trying to earn his respect, but I always end up on the floor.

Monday. Boy, I hate hang over. On the move again, this time heading north to Botany Bay. Enjoying lunch by myself at Botany beach.

  • 24 Feb 2004


Fredrika sent photos of her graduation ceremony and group photo of friends from uni. Finishing her Master of Multimedia and Design degree, she look so happy there. I love her smiles. I miss the old days when we studies in the same lectures.

  • 29 Feb 2004

The Rat Race

Going through my cashflow I was alarmed to find I'm running in the rat race. Much of my payslip goes to pay for the mortgage and living expeneses. I earn enough to pay for the things I need but struggle for the luxuries. That explains my depression in the last few days.

Buying this townhouse was a big financial mistake, especially in this current market. But I'm glad that I make this mistake in the early stages of life, at least I took a step in the right direction. You live you learn. They say it takes four small green houses to build a big red house.

Plan A. When I turn 25 this August, find a girl settling down, partying less, focus on career and personal financing. Gathering resources to attempt another start-up business.. and get marry by 30. Buying a new house, leaving the current townhouse as family's commonwealth.

Plan B. Take out the equity of the current townhouse. Re-settling to another location, maybe another state. Buy a big house and looking for opportunities to start a business.

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